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Moving from Beijing to Hongkong ? China Express Beijing Movers , Relocation from ...

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Moving in Beijing ? Moving from Beijing to Shanghai ? Hongkong ? One of the best things to keep in mind when undertaking a Beijing to Hongkong relocation is to be well prepared. Moving from Beijing to Hongkong can typically take 4-7 days . It is best to start at least a few weeks in advance of your move with a pre-move survey, the time at which a consultant will visit your home and measure the size of your shipment. He or she will also make a note of any special packing requirements such as the need for tailor made wooden crates for large or fragile items.

Be sure to research the customs requirements at destination. For a Beijing to Hong Kong relocation, we will require a passport copy and letter from you giving CEMovers the authorization to clear your shipment through customs. Another document required by customs is the inventory list that will be prepared by the moving company at origin. Normal household goods such as furniture, electronics and personal effects can be imported duty free into Hong Kong. Other items such as liquor and tobacco are dutiable.

Contact CEMovers prior to packing so that we can give you advice on what should and should not be shipped to Hong Kong. For instance, most foreigners living in Hong Kong find themselves renting an apartment rather than a house, so outdoor items should be sold or stored at origin. There are some key main factors that determine the cost of a move. For example, an air shipment is typically more expensive than a surface shipment and sea shipment . The other factors are size of the shipment, country of origin, and what value you attach to your goods for insurance purposes (the insurance cost of a move is a percentage of the value you place on the items shipped).

Our Professional Moves can packing your belongings and loading and transport to hongkong , believing it took about 4-7 days to arrive in Honkong.
More economical transport way are coming ,it save money and time@ CEMovers will offer the best service for clients in every step of your move ! Call us and get quick and top quality moving service , the important point ,our moving price is the best for you !

The cost for your moving is decided by below factors:
Whether need packing boxes offered by CEMovers
Whether need packing service from CEMovers.
Whether your home have elevators in both places
Whether our van can park near your Apartments gate
Whether you have heavy stuff need to move , like piano , big fish tank , Huge Safe ...
Whether need stair handling....

If we know all these factors also also know your belongings volume or weight , We can quote for you at once. If you have a big move , we can make a moving survey at your home.

last need to notice : when move out of your apartment , you should get gate permission from property office ( They will check your electric meter , gas , water and ask for you pay all bills, when well done, they give you gate permission) , thus  apartment guard near gate will allow mover move out your belongings quickly once they saw gate permission.

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